About Us & Our Philosophy

Filoxenia Villas are the 1st and brand new, luxurious creation of a Greek family, who is committed to sharing the good life, shining sun and unforgettable moments. Andreas Anastasiou, father of the family, had a dream to make tourists experience Greek hospitality, while enjoying the best part of Rhodes. Villa Agnes & Villa Alex are both named after his children, the most important part of his life. Each Villa has its own color codes, decoration, style and unique personality based on the family’s personal taste.

Our Philosophy

“Hospitality” is the official translation of filoxenia, but it doesn’t adequately describe it. Filoxenia (φιλοξενιά, say: fee-lohk-sen-YAH), that literally means “love of strangers,” is a generosity of spirit, a joyful kind of the-best-of-what’s-mine-is-yours attitude in which Greeks take great pride as a defining attribute.
Filoxenia is the reason strangers walking by may find themselves invited to a Greek family celebration. Filoxenia is the reason obviously lost tourists may acquire a volunteer tour guide. And filoxenia is the reason that guests in even the poorest Greek home will certainly find themselves presented with the best of whatever food is on hand – from the simplest cheese, bread, and olives, to many dishes created as though from air.